Misadventure in the subway

(UPDATE - Oct 2013) The surgery was a big success. Rehab took five weeks, as the doctors predicted. But I am now back to normal. Actually, I have started being more disciplined about exercise and am swimming, so I actually feel better than I did before this bizarre event!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

I was on may way to the book party for Fred Herter, going downstairs in the subway. A train had just pulled in, but I was determined to move carefully in order not to fall.

The person behind me made a noise of impatience and kicked me hard in the back. I shouted instantly in shock as I fell forward. I was trying to put on the brakes and believe it was at that moment that I ripped my quadriceps tendon loose from its mooring under my kneecap, experiencing pain greater than ever before in my life. A couple of women of color stopped to see if they could help and called 911. They were very tender as I sat moaning and crying on the steps. A spectacle, all dressed up in a bright red tie. Had not seen the kicker.

Soon Officer Ippolito arrived, took my info and called the ambulance. When another officer came, they conferred about how to get me to street level. I asked for a stretcher, but was dismissed for reasons not clear. Finally got a metal chair with small wheels, lifted me onto it and started moving me toward the ramp. Bending my leg greatly increased my pain and I begged for a board or a stick which would allow me to keep my leg straight. No dice. So we bumped up the ramp and finally got to the street and the ambulance. On to the Emergency Room at Roosevelt Hospital.

There I learned my artificial knee device was intact, no broken bones. But my quadriceps was ripped from the bone.

Now expecting an operation on December 14 in the Hospital for Special Surgery. Told to expect a long rehab.

I want to add that as I sat on the subway steps I almost laughed through my tears because I was involuntarily praying, "O God, please help that poor guy not be so impatient before he hurts more people" My family and friends have all expressed various angry and vengeful feelings and I appreciate them as expressions of love.

I wish I had had the guy in a Network group years ago and helped him be more calm.

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